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Lessons Learned

Since our launch at the beginning of 2018, our goal has been to create an intelligent assistant that monitors your MarTech stack and identifies problems and anomalies your teams are missing. We chose messaging platforms like Slack to eliminate friction between analysis and action because that’s what the user base wanted. We started with Search and Social and then quickly added Landing Pages to support our growing list of customers. And coming in January 2019, Eletype will now support Email and Telephony. What an amazing year! 📅 🎉

It’s been busy, let’s take a look back on 2018!

Q1 was…

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Today we would like to thank…

A special note of thanks today to everyone that has helped us on our journey this year. This is more difficult than we could have ever imagined and we are thankful to have you on the team.

Today we would like to thank the following:

To our very early investors that took a chance when we really really needed it: Anand Thaker and Jimmy Blaesi, you have no idea. 🙏

To TechSquare Labs and Atlanta Startup Battle. Thank you, Allen and Paul, for investing in technical founders and believing in us. 👨‍💻

Our home at ATDC and the amazing support…

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Image Credit: Sergio Membrillas

New Apps To Streamline Communication

Want to hear what Slack is saying about Eletype?

Eletype saves everyone time and energy that’s better applied to the more creative, important, and enjoyable parts of your job.- SlackHQ

Check out the rest here. What a great writeup from our friends at Slack!

People are taking notice, Eletype is defining what digital marketing monitoring can look like. Leveraging collaborative platforms like Slack will turn marketing intelligence into marketing action.

We are taking a 2 pronged approach to Digital Marketing monitoring:

  1. Campaign Monitoring to cover all of your daily campaign checks. Don’t get caught off guard by sudden changes in…

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2018 Venture Atlanta Press Release

You can download the pdf version of this press release here.

Eletype Selected as a Venture Atlanta 2018 Startup Showcase Company

With over $2.6 billion in funding awarded to date, Venture Atlanta continues to be the Southeast’s leading tech investor and entrepreneurial connection event

ATLANTA — September 20, 2018 — Eletype announced today that it has been chosen as one of 34 Venture Atlanta Startup Showcase “companies to watch,” a group comprised of the most exciting early-stage businesses that are bringing big ideas to the next decade.

As a Venture Atlanta Startup Showcase Company, Eletype will be spotlighted during a…

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Why we will be back next year!

In case you couldn’t tell by our Twitter feed, we had a fun and productive week at TechCrunch Disrupt. When we got back to Atlanta we got a lot of questions like “Was it worth it?” and “Would you go back?”

Good questions, especially since it can be expensive and time-consuming to make a west coast trip for a young startup. So, will we go back?

Yes. And here are 3 reasons why: Anchor, Affordable, Access

  1. It is a great anchor for a west coast swing. Because a west coast trip is expensive and time-consuming, we found that TCD acted…


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Quick blog post about our upcoming trip to TechCrunch Disrupt.

Here we come San Francisco! We are looking forward to joining tech startups from around the world at the annual TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

Come visit us in the Startup Alley! Here is the Exhibitor Directory. And check out this twitter list of all startups in Startup Alley to stay on top of the latest.

Fun fact: There are over 500 startups in Startup Alley, and only 12 are from the southeast and 2 from Georgia.

And hear us pitch Friday afternoon!

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Making Sound Investments with…

Slack Apps slacking off on Twitter

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There are so many great Slack Apps out there that we complied a list for everyone. Currently we have around 325 apps on this list. If we missed you, let us know, we’ll add you quickly. Also, if you cover the Slack App and Bot Community shoot us a note.

Here are some of our favorite recent tweets from this list:

Fewer dashboards, more teams

We were so pleased to see this blog post from @SlackHQ this morning that we felt it warranted not only a blog post, but a special place as our first blog post. In the coming weeks and months we will use this forum to discuss various digital marketing topics focused primarily on how marketers can better leverage data and analytics using collaborative tools (or as Mary Meeker calls them “enterprise messaging threads”) like Slack and MS Teams.

Every startup has an origin story and most stories start with a desire to solve a problem that has an elusive and…


Digital Marketing Monitoring. #CoverYourAds

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