Written by Lilia Berman, Project Manager at Elevate and originally published on Elevate’s blog.

Recruitment and Culture: A Hand in Hand Experience

My journey with Elevate has only recently begun. My title is project manager, but I can say that I am finding myself growing and developing in more aspects than just planning and organizing company projects. Elevate embraces many of the same values I do, such as open communication and collaboration. These values were apparent right from the start and they quickly made Elevate the top choice for me.

A few months ago, I started the process of job searching. I wanted to find the place where I would truly fit in and stay there for a while. In keeping that at the forefront of my mind, and after several other prospects that were dead ends, I found my way to Elevate.

When I think about my recruiting process at Elevate, one word comes to mind: honest. My first conversation on the phone with Elevate’s HR senior manager, Patti, immediately painted a clear picture for me. She was quick to set the expectations. I can think of more than one occasion where I walked into an interview expecting one thing and came out with something completely different. This was not the case at Elevate — Patti was completely transparent. I have not encountered any discrepancies or surprises to date, and that has solidified my respect for their process.

Being Involved, From Top to Bottom

Another aspect of Elevate’s recruiting process that left me in awe was how involved the different departments and upper management were. Based on previous experiences, there are two people I’ve typically met with while interviewing — the recruiter and the direct manager. In addition to my conversations with Patti, I had the opportunity to sit down with the senior project manager, the project management director and the senior vice president of the company.

This provided me not only with multiple different viewpoints, but it also made very clear to me how invested everyone is in not just the company itself, but in all who are part of the organization. This involvement has translated into everyday life for me at Elevate, where everyone from the new girl to the president of the company have daily interactions and work together to achieve common goals.

Being Our Best Selves

Elevate’s culture encourages you to be self-aware and promotes health, wellness and constant learning. As a project manager, I am encouraged to utilize my natural strengths to create efficiency, strengthen communication between the departments and keep project timelines moving.

In the month I’ve been here, I have already gotten to participate in an informative knowledge bomb, taken group plank breaks to increase physical strength, helped plan an exciting networking event, taken more ownership of a social media project, and now I’m writing my first blog post. I have been able to share my goals, both personal and professional, and have them met with encouragement and suggestions on how I can achieve them.

The experience has been empowering and authentic from the beginning, and I look forward to the next milestones I will achieve with Elevate.

Written by Lilia Berman,Project Manager at Elevate. 
Originally published at
www.elevatexd.com on February 24, 2017.

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