The virus mutates? We have the tools to fight back

Schematic illustration of the SARS-CoV-2 replicon against the sequence of the viral genome. E and M genes are deleted and replaced with a GFP-nLuc construct. The furin cleavage site (FCS) on the Spike gene was deleted and 3 early stop mutations were introduced.
Our pipeline to create safe SARS-CoV-2 replicon systems
Control: cells that were not exposed to the media of cells that were transfected with the replicon. Challenge: cells that were exposed to the media of cells with the replicon. Replicon: cells that we directly inserted into the replicon. Notice that there is no signal in the “challenge” condition, indicating that the replicon cannot infect new cells.
The replicon levels (y-axis) for no treatment groups (two left columns) and after treatment with various levels of the active compound of molnupiravir.




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