Fact-Check: Is The EU Undemocratic?
Hugh Hancock

One shining example of the undemocratic EU is the extremely secretive TTIP trade agreements.

The European commission is made up of 28 unelected officials.

Its President is elected by the parliament (yet, it must have been an intense voting session considering it was only Jean-Claude Juncker’s name on the sheet)

The parliament itself, although elected by the people of its member states, has no right to create or amend laws. So close, yet so far.

The unelected commission have to AGREE to ammendments proposed by the elected parliament before they are effective.

The only slightly democratic aspect of the EU system was built to be ignored, to pacify the liberals.

The member states don’t have a strong, independant voice inside the Council. If a law has enough votes, a rejection of a law from one member state doesn’t mean the law will not stand in that state.

The real power is always directed towards the unelected commission.

The point of the EU is to create a single trading bloc that can satisfy itself, isolating it from the rest of the globe.

So, yes the EU has introduced many trading standards that mean that the goods and services that EU citizens recieve are arguably healthier than, say, compared to America. However, the EU has gone the extra mile, to over-regulate to ensure that the EU Trading Bloc stays focussed on itself, rather than branching out into the globe.

I can accept that a vote for Brexit is economically uncertain, but you simply cannot try to say that the European Union is democratic

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