Muscle Milk, Syntha 6, Isoflex, Cellucor, and Optimum Nutrition’s Proteins Tested for BCAA Content…

This is complete and utter crap and classic example of ignorance by the poster.

HPLC is the gold standard for these analyses and most companies easily meet these standards.

This abstract is a student project attempting to develop a novel method an assay that was….wait for it… never compared to HPLC. If it was compared to HPLC the story would be different. But it was not so it is pure hyperbole based on an unvalidated technique.

This is not a fault for the investigators and it is often the case that new techniques that will stand the test of time when compared to a more robust standard. Good for them.

If you make buying decisions based on this report your doing so on an emotional response to an unvalidated technique. This is simply another rubbish post and desperate cry for attention by a fading internet troll who knows nothing about the topic he posts.

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