What is Good Writing?

Good writing can be measured by a number of different factors which includes important ideas, truthfulness, how clear the message is, and other factors. To be able to produce good writing, ideas have to clear and well communicated throughout the article. A good writer knows how to effectively voice his message.

In order for the message to be clear, the writing has to be focused on the central message. To do this, the writer must have a linear structure which the reader can follow easily; part of good writing is how accessible and understandable the message is. A strong message is key for any piece to be considered good writing.

Another component of good writing is how well truth is communicated; especially when writing for a news outlet. A good writer is able to relay the truth to his/her audience without adding his or her opinion to the piece. Truth is a universal component of good writing that people search when reading news articles.

Good writing has gone and will go through many different changes before the final product is presented before an audience. A good writer will go over his or her writing several times before preparing it to be ready for an audience. Good writing is writing that has been edited, formatted, rearranged, and rewritten several times over and over again.

Writing is a continuous process and could be one that is long if not taken seriously when doing so. It is a process that includes critical thinking, persuasiveness and diligence. When all of these components come together the writing transforms into something greater than it actually is.

Another key to good writing is how well the writer can fit the details into the required space and how well the writer can leave out unnecessary details. Good writing is focused and the facts are clear. Too many times, writers will include unnecessary details that do not add or benefit to the writing at all; unnecessary filler words and phrases.

Ultimately, good writing is writing that seeks to bring out the truth. Good writing is writing that has through a very patient process in order for it to be the best form it can be. Good writers have to take into account of all these factors in order for their writing to be considered “good writing”.

source: http://writingcenter.unc.edu/faculty-resources/tips-on-teaching-writing/what-is-good-writing/

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