Jerry Lewis and the Bombshell

While I was being made up back stage, Jerry Lewis was pacing back and forth like a nut outside my dressing room. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me and his ways made me notice a distinctively different personality between Dean and Jerry. Dean was cocksure and aloof, whereas Jerry was a strange mix of shy and outrageous. Around women Jerry became shy and introverted. He kept stealing glances at me in the dressing room. He was completely drawn to my orbit. He acted like a schoolboy pursuing his first crush. I thought he was so cute in the way he kept trying to sneak a peak at me and it made me feel so sexy. Without saying a word he’d grab and kissed me. I was a bit taken aback. When there were people around, he usually acted like the perfect putz. He didn’t want anyone to suspect that we were amorous with each other. There was something about his naiveté that made me as hot as a firecracker. One night I was seated on the edge of the bed, peeling off my stockings. “I don’t care what kind of girl you are,” he said. “I’m sure it’s my kind!” the jokes never seemed to cease with Jerry. That night he looked a little wistful and he mumbled: “I don’t really expect you to believe me but I care about you.” That caught me off guard and I just said “you’re being awfully decent and I believe you.”— THE LAST VEGAS SHOW inspired by “My Wild, Wild Life” (2006) by Jeanne Carmen