Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. This is one book that I won’t be able to read again. I cannot face going on the emotional roller coaster that I have been riding for two days. The cast of the drama is superb. The feelings experienced by Lochie and Maya are so real that the reader will be put through an emotional turmoil throughout the entire book. Love, fear, sadness, passion, elation. All these feelings are described with such skill that it will feel that you are right there, in the thick of it.

Tabitha has taken a taboo subject and shown us what it may be like on the other side of the fence. Her version of what life is like for those people who everyone labels as freaks is full of pain and fear. But, amongst all the pain and fear that walk alongside Lochie and Maya, there are moments of happiness that are so bright and so powerful they are almost blinding. The streak of passion that is so expertly weaved in makes the story amazingly sexy.

I feel the reader will fall in love with the book, but just like the secret that Lochie and Maya hide from the world, most people will not understand your love of the book. Unless they read it. But how can you recommend this book? If you mention what it is about, people will turn away. I had three colleagues who gave me a questioning look once I told them the main themes of the novel.

I love this book. But by loving this book I feel that something is wrong with me. How can I enjoy a book about something that is so wrong?

Original posted 30 April, 2010: