Renovation in Moscow

In Moscow they are planning to demolish, not renovate, demolish buildings that are considered to be dilapidated and build new blocks of flats. This will be done at the expense of the Moscow taxpayer. Very interesting, that millions of Muscovites are going to be paying through their tax for new flats for other Muscovites.

After numerous protests and complaints, the law that is due to be passed about the demolition of these buildings is to be reviewed as the original draft did not offer any protection to anyone. Originally, none of the tenants, whether they own the property or not, were going to have any say. Based on detailed study by newspapers of the original law, the only thing missing was a prison sentence for failing to agree and vacate the property that will be demolished.

The above only happened after Mr. Putin mentioned it to the mayor of Moscow. The Mayor of Moscow “fully supports The President’s assignment” to uphold the rights of homeowners and tenants that are affected and the bill is being modified to take into account those rights. Basically, if Putin didn’t say anything it would have been passed as it was.

Finally, the subject of the buildings themselves. A list was published of what has been decided to demolish, interestingly some of the buildings do not seem dilapidated at all and some are historic. In most countries these buildings would definitely not be demolished. But I guess in Russia its all about money.

Meanwhile the actual buidlings they do want to demolish, Soviet built panel buildings although are probably not so good quality anymore. Yet these buildings were not only built in Soviet Russia, but in other countries. Germany for example had plenty of these panel buildings and plenty were renovated to such an extent that you cannot recognise them.



The same buildings exist in Hungary where they are refurbished and renovated. In Estonia. Most probably we can find numerous examples of this Soviet architechture being renovated, rather than demolished.

But Russia is a special country which will never take into account the expertise of others, whether when it is offered when a submarine sinks, or whether if affects city planning. Unfortunately this bothers me because I live in Hungary which is uncomfortably close to Russia geographically and currently also politically, with the current government offering no resistance to Russian influence, instead actively nurturing the influence.

Left: Let’s Stop Brussels! (graffiti: Russians come back???) — Right: Let’s Stop Moscow (protest parody sticker)