Virtual Events Guide

How to engage your crowd, gamify collective action, and raise a ton of money along the way.

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The Sanders campaign transformed a concert with the Strokes into a national grassroots fundraiser using gamification widgets such as donation meters, leaderboards, featured chat, and a ticker showing recent donors. The event had 500,000+ views and brought in $75,000+ from 4,000+ donors.

Virtual events have become a central way political campaigns raise money, organize volunteers, and even accept nominations. So why do most of them still look and feel like a corporate conference call?

It’s not just Zoom fatigue — it’s that political organizations have not yet tapped into the available tools and technology that can turn virtual events into two-way, participatory experiences.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide for creating truly interactive virtual events — events that surprise, delight, entertain, engage, and authentically steer viewers toward your organization’s goals. …

The next gen format that puts young people in control

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The Interactive Live Streaming Feedback Loop

What is interactive live streaming?

Interactive live streaming is an emerging genre of entertainment that encourages real time audience participation as part of the show. It’s a hybrid of live television, social media, and video games. This format has also been described as crowdplay, live 3.0, social TV, participatory streaming, and collective storytelling. In these streams, the audience is given agency and the show is co-created, meaning the broadcasters and audience make it together, live.

“It is a form that plays with the boundary lines between audience and producer,” says T.L Taylor in Watch Me Play: Twitch and The Rise of Game Live Streaming. …


Eli Stonberg

CEO @ Hovercast

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