Why Politics Needs to Embrace What Social Networks and Connected Products Have Created

America was founded on individuals creating a nation focused on individuals. Somewhere along the way the personalization of the government got derailed. Politics does not do a good job with customization but instead creates public policy based on one key incident affecting all people. However, the American people expect more, deserve more, and are provided more from the free economy today. New technologies have begun to change the way that Americans want to be served from the government.

During the last quarter century, American politics has tried to provide a one size fits all solution. Most of the policies that are created service a large majority of the public without any real value to that majority. They are loose policies built around a minority use case and pushed onto the masses. This limits the effectiveness of creating an impact on America and pushing the country and its citizens further. Americans are starting to see this and believe this.

Social media has capitalized on creating and building a community that is based on growing individuals networks while still holding true to what defines that individual. Americans now live in social networks, digital platforms, and technology devices. This opens up personalized messaging and targeted benefits that address an individual, their network, and their community. This is truly a platform for connecting and driving change. So why is the United States Government not following suit?

The game of politics is old fashioned. Party positions and beliefs are painting with a broad brush. It is time that United States Politics starts to take notice of the changing world around them and stops pushing agendas. Politicians need to truly connect with this digital communities, these personal networks, and the American individuals that make the United States so great. These days this should be easier than ever.

Technology and social networks are not going away. They are growing stronger and imbuing a strong sense of individualism in everyone who takes part. People want to be connected. They want to have transparency whether it is with the temperature of their house, what their friend is currently eating, or where their pizza is on the delivery route. This all builds the feeling that the world is meant for you. You are an individual.

United States politicians need to recognize this and stop pushing policy. It is time they start recognizing the nation expects more. They expect a government that recognizes the individual and works for that individual. Social networks and connected products do this today. Why not the United States government too?