BigUGA Portfolio

The goal of BigUGA was to ideate and formulate a plan to take the vast amount of UGA’s public data across various different platforms and transform it into one digestible and accessible location turning numbers into stories putting faces and experiences in the foreground.

Our project was divided into four different parts: content curation, data visualization, website design, and design and marketing.


The content aspect of Big UGA dealt with taking the numbers and transforming them into stories. We interviewed students, took their testimonials, and created blogs and a trailer to emphasize their journeys.

Data Visualization

To make the data interactive, we used Tableau, a data software to build visualizations that users could interact with and learn from. For example, we create a map that allows users to click on different states and learn just how many students go to UGA from those states.

Website Design

To showcase these blogs, student features, data visualizations, and stories, we employed Wordpress as our main web platform throughout this process. Our website can be found at

Design and Marketing

The print design and marketing aspect of BigUGA’s Capstone project was the part I best excelled at. For SLAM, I had the chance to create our one page handout, our poster, and plan our booth presentation.

Poster — SLAM

Our overall theme for BigUGA was to tell the journey of acceptance, enrollment and graduation. For the one page handout and booth presentation, we wanted to convey that same feeling. This is why we created a card that acted as a congratulations on the front side. When individuals approached our booth we congratulated them on their “acceptance” to The University of Georgia. We then took them straight to class, DATA 1101.

The back of the one page handout mimicked a syllabus and acted as a way for us to showcase some interesting data about how many students there are at UGA by comparing it to other similar numbers across the globe as well as introduce our website and ourselves in a creative and fun format.

Once our booth visitors had the chance to ask all they wanted about BigUGA and learn as much about Big Data as possible, we gave them a sticker congratulating them on graduating DATA 1101.

Front of One-Pager for Booth Presentations — SLAM
Back of One-Pager for Booth Presentations — SLAM
DATA 1101 Graduation Sticker for Booth Presentations — SLAM

Moving Forward

Moving forward, UGA has a big opportunity to take this idea and create something even bigger for the UGA community that would allow prospective students, current students, and alumni to continue to interact with all of the public data UGA has to offer. Specifically, I would love to see more data visualizations, stories and testimonials told through video, and smaller snapshots of stories through mini-features of more students.

Thank you to the NMI for allowing us all of the necessary tools and guidance in achieving our goals for this Capstone project.