Keeping Children at Home vs. at the Best Childcare in Sydney

Eliana Mark
Mar 25 · 4 min read

At some point, while raising your child, you will come across this dilemma. Maybe you are in it already, wondering “should I just keep my child at home?”

A good number of parents who went down this route and later changed their mind say the option just wasn’t financially viable. Higher cost of living and the desire to see the child live their best life were enough reasons for some parents to make the switch to the best childcare in Sydney.

For those who are financially secure and don’t mind being stay-at-home parents, childcare just doesn’t seem like a necessity because they are in a position to provide the care a child needs.

Whichever side you fall, there’s an aspect of childcare you will want to know better: What makes it special and necessary for all parents?

Professionalism and Structure

Childcare facilities are registered and regulated by government authorities. This is to ensure that they comply with the National Quality Standards (NQS).

Their performance is usually measured based on seven areas that include education (available programmes and how they are practiced), child health and safety, their facility’s relations with children, and the physical environment. If they satisfy the NQS expectations, that means the facility is up to standard.

Its staff also need to be competent and have the necessary qualifications required to work in Lane Cove childcare centers. The centers also offer a structured environment as opposed to what you would expect in a home.

Looking at all these aspects, you can clearly see that childcare facilities are well-equipped to provide the best care and experience to your child. What they provide is holistic, which means your child will go grow up to be a well-rounded person.

Even though you could provide all these at home, chances are you might miss out on a thing or two that are crucial to the growth and development of your child.

Attention, Healthy Attachment & Bonds

Children need regular contact with the same person(s) to develop a healthy attachment. For a stay-at-home parent, this is something you can easily accomplish if you are not busy. But if you are a working parent, this could be a challenge.

Bear in mind that your child needs to spend enough time with you. And for them to get that feedback and stimulation they need to grow up well, you will have to be at your best when it comes to communication, play, learning, showing empathy and attending to their needs.

That’s something a parent tired from working all day or doing lots of chores may not be able to provide. But a childcare can. Before you fully trust them with your child, be there to see how they interact with your child. If pleased, hire them.

Variety Of Play Activities

While at home, the play activities your child can engage in are often limited. Besides, some of them are quite messy and not really something that most parents are going to enjoy doing daily. Daycare is the complete opposite.

You may be wondering, are these play activities necessary? Absolutely yes! They play a major role in developing your child’s character, numeracy and literacy skills. Not forgetting to mention guided learning.

Make it your goal to find the best Lane Cove childcare because they normally have a variety of play activities and can comfortably handle all kinds of messy plays that you wouldn’t dare touch at home. In fact, some of the play options and equipment these facilities have are expensive and unaffordable for most parents.

Childcare Readies Your Child For School

While at such a facility, your child will be taught the basics that would make their transition into school seamless. That includes things like being able to identify numbers and letters, spell and write their name, etc. They will also be in a position to live through the day without the intervention of a parent.

Now equipping them with such skills while at home might be time-consuming and almost impossible for the working parent. Besides, you may lack the skill to do it, much less knowledge of what the schools expect.

Other things that make a childcare special include:

  • A clean safer environment, designed with their needs in mind. No danger zones, choking hazards, or items that pose safety risks to them
  • Your child has an opportunity to socialise and assert independence since they have plenty of peers around with
  • A good Lane Cove daycare will keep detailed records of your child that you could refer when they become adults

Eventually, deciding what option is best for you and your child will majorly be based on your needs, preferences, and financial situation. Should you opt for a facility, make sure you have identified what centers offer the best childcare in Sydney. Ask questions, interview them, evaluate their programs and policies, observe how they care about children and so on.

Good luck and happy parenting!

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