Is this then an indictment of our justice system?

I think I disagree there. Truth is a bit more complex than court rulings.

Where is the line between lying to your mother and lying in a political context?

Also, I believe we are talking about something a bit more abstract, such as a political promise or campaign slogan. How would you propose to make a court case around something of that nature?

Also, what makes you think that would be necessary?

It might make sense to take a sepcific example:

Say a politician publicly argues that globalisation has reduced living standards of the American working people.

Is this the truth? I don’t know.

I have an opinion on this, but I respect and understand that other people might disagree with me, becauseI know how hard it is to establish whether this statement is “true” or not.

So if said politician makes such a claim, or any claim for that matter, would he first have to go through a fact-checking process (or a truth-committee) before he can publicly speak? Or are you proposing to retroactively punish him for saying somehting that might turn out not be true should you discover that to be the case?

And how do you establish that a lie is told with bad intention rather than someone making an honest mistake?

I just see too many ways this could go wrong.

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