MMOs: Past, Present & Future

For our final project, I decided with my team Members: Jordan and Michael to talk about the history of MMOs and how they gradually improved along with technology to become today’s well crafted and high quality online video games. We will also try to predict the future and give some suggestions about where MMOs are heading in the near future.

MMOs exit only because we have a good quality internet today: these online video games allow a large number of players living in different places to play within the same environment. These players can either collaborate and accomplish common goals, compete against each other or be adversaries to each other.

Since MMOs and the internet are closely related, it is perhaps a good idea to talk about the history of the internet. The latter started with a much less ambitious military project, the Arpanet, whose purpose was to connect military bases within the Unite Sates. The project soon transformed and became the impressive network known today as: the internet.

Concerning the future, there is a lot of research that is being done in order to take MMOs to the next level. Some of the potential directions this video game genre could take are: Virtual reality MMOs. Such technology would allow players to have a more in depth experience and have more control over the game. Yet, in order to accomplish this goal there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to bring the costs down and to improve technology so that it can meet the demands of such gaming genre.

MMOs could also rely more on augmented reality especially with the development of the mobile industry. players can move around and use the physical space as they are playing.

multiple players can play within the same environment