Why are my stories on medium not getting any views?

My latest story on Medium “Is it time to Save Music?” was crafted with lots of work, and I consider it as a valuable post.
I only have 3 views with 3 reads on it, so it has an excellent read ratio of 100%.
But why am I not getting reasonable exposure to my story?
I did a quick test going to Medium logged out so I would get an unbiased view, and I then typed into the search field “music” which is the main category of my post. I then scrolled down for like 5 minutes going to over 150 results without any trace of my post, when it was posted just about a day earlier.
My question is how can I get better results if I have given away my best shot with valuable content?

Makes me think that perhaps Medium is screening out most of the small to medium bloggers and promoting all the big shots that are naturally getting tons of likes and response to every single post from everyone else that are trying to show loyalty and engagement in hope that it will promote their own content.
And guess what?
I have tried that without any success.

Any help out there?

Nissim Elias, allmusicrating.com

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