Press Releases Are Bullshit. Don’t Feed That To Journalists!

Yes Ciprian, I tend to totally agree with you.
I was myself just about to do as well like you, a Press Release with after an extensive research that took me almost a week, and I then came to a conclusion, earlier today, that it would only be a waste of time and a discouragement — please see my short answer-post here at Quora.
The other thing that really bugs me is that I read your complete post here on Medium, and I could see all the work you put into this post, yet with just 7 likes up to now, and my one response..!
Shows you how hard it is to get any attention.
Most readers find you somehow, you (myself, or any one else posting) you get hundreds of views, people “suck in” the fruits of your hard experience, and then, they don’t even bother to respond, to thank, to show any form of appreciation, and that really pisses me off!
I am now trying to promote my own new launch of a music rating system, thinking to myself that this could really be useful, sorry valuable, to many die hard music lovers, and I get the same results of no results. 
People are deaf, dumb, and blind to appreciate all the goodness they suck out of the web from people like you and me.
But you know what?
That will not deter us from what we are doing, because we entrepreneurs are worth to reward, and we shall hopefully at the end of the road see fruits and to our hard work.
Keep it up!
Nissim Elias

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