Open Borders

Now a pic I took of The Man is Released From Misery from 1963 by Jorge González Camarena in the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

Today is October 23rd. A caravan of migrants is heading to the US border, and President Trump is demanding that Mexico stop the caravan. He is threatening to stop sending the aid that the US currently sends to Central American countries.

It is shameful how our leaders are not saying nor doing anything about this situation. These migrants are the best any society can have. They are the most hardworking people. These migrants are the bravest and strongest among our society. They know they are not welcomed but they still come because their families’ futures are worth it.

Migrants are not asking for free things. They want jobs to work. All the xenophobic people should just get out of the way, with respect, and mind their own business and let these people work. If the government were smart, it would keep a record of all the people crossing the country and help them with advice and guidance.

What are you going to do when your family is the one that needs to escape whatever danger it might face — climate change, oppressive governments, ethnic cleansing and so on? Do not ever think you will never be at risk. Anyone can suffer from a natural or man-made disaster, and during that vulnerable time, you will want someone to defend your human rights.