You are born one day, and then you die. But before you die, life happens.

Now a pic of Jalpa

For example, right now I’m living my life. I’m watering my plants because they were almost not alive. I went to Mexico to visit some family and see old friends. While I was in Mexico, I asked Pedro(who secretly wishes that the plants would die) to please water the plants. He said he would, and I went to Mexico to do stuff, but then he also went away on a trip. In other words, nobody watered the plants for five or six days. When I came back to San Jose, the plants looked like someone blew fire on them or very hot air. They are now very alive because I took good care of them.

This past week I’ve been waking up at 5 am, and I’m starting to wonder why. Maybe something in my routine is making me wake up that early in the morning. It could be the food that I am eating, but it is probably the nap that I take in the evening. Anyway, when I wake up at 5, I first make coffee to make sure I’m awake. Then, I water the plants, so they don’t die.

I actually wanted to tell you something about life. But that was two weeks ago, and now I cannot remember what I wanted to say to you. I mean, I started with “You are born and then die, but first, life.” Well, for us, life is when everything happens. After we die, our matter changes to other stages, but our consciousness is gone. Life is just a stage in the transition of matter. But, if life’s a stage of matter, what conditions can keep the matter in one stage for a long time? Hmm, now I wonder.

Apparently, matter changes depending on the environment. I think more than a lot of things change depending on the environment, but the hard part is knowing what in the environment affects what. It is difficult to know how much a type of environment will affect an aspect of your life. You must know yourself to know how to help yourself. If you know yourself, you will know what is affecting you. If you know what is affecting you, you can find a solution to improve your situation. You can enjoy life more when you know more stuff. The end.

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