Mediation & Media

You can’t spell mediation without media. I have this written in my short bios on Instagram & Twitter (currently @eliasmediation on both). This is no barren slogan. It bears fruit by emphasizing the importance of communication to mediation.

Disputes arise amongst humankind when there is a breakdown in communication betwixt and between two or more parties. Some of these cases end up in court, others foment in daily frustration and distraction from functionality in the workplace, during outdoor hobby-time, and at home. The job of a mediator is to mediate in mediation. This means be in the middle, and hopefully guide and/or persuade (this stylistic distinction will be made clear in a future post) them to peace. Media is the plural of medium. It also means middle. But, how? Media are communication devices that are in the middle of one human being and another.

Historically, media have included: face-to-face, smoke-signals, carrier pigeons, horsemen, telegrams, and telephones. Today, so-called social media have emerged. I don’t doubt that these media are social, but what’s so antisocial about the others? Whether we are using the definition of antisocial given to us by the American Psychiatric Association, or the vernacular definition, this prefix doesn’t make much sense. Anyhoo, today we have emerging media in the digital landscape, and I for one, as a mediator and arbitrator, plan to use as many as I can to entrepreneurially spread peace to the ends of the earth. You down?

I’m already on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Blogger, Soundcloud,,, and here Medium (catch these links here). I hope to explore, Vimeo,, Open Bazaar, and more soon.

What do you use and why? What results have you seen? What tips do you have for me? Please comment below, or have it go down in the DM with me on any of my media accounts.