The problem

Maybe you like to get up-to-date with all your libraries. Me too.

If you're using rest-assured 4.0.0 in a project in conjunction with Spring Boot you'll get this exception in any test execution:

My environment

Java JDK 12
Spring Book 2.1.5.RELEASE

The solution

As indicated on you may add a dependency rest-assured-all.

In my case, I'm using Maven (I don't know how to solve it for Gradle).
Simply add the following dependency without removing the rest-assured dependency:

That solves the problem (at least for me).


This error seems to appear only with JDK 12. I've tested with JDK 8 and the rest-assured-all was not necessary.

Happy tests!

Easily read a QR Code and use it in your test

There is a post called Read a QR Code with Selenium and zxing if may you wan to do the same for web automation.

The problem

Having some QR Code to scan from an app is getting common like add your contact in another phone, distribute your contact or even validate a financial transaction.

To guarantee an end-to-end (e2e) testing through the application that has a QR Code, and you need to read it, an approach to get the image is necessary.

Different from a web page, where you can save it or even convert it in a Base64 String, you cannot…

This is a tutorial post.
If you need just the solution you can jump at this topic, but I strongly recommend you to read the introduction.


One of basic test automation architecture item is know when your test fails and have a kind of evidence of it. Commonly we use, for front-end tests, a screenshot to show where the error ocurred.

Mainly the screenshot name is the test name. Some people add date and time to track this information, but for parallel execution we need to add more information on the screenshot name.

The example will show an Appium test…


Are you running script with Appium (in any language) and got a CapabilityNotPresentOnTheGridException on your iOS node?

My problem

I've updated my selenium-sever libs (actually to 3.9.1) to run an example of Appium parallel execution in a Google Developer Group — GDG meetup in Brazil and something strange started to happen: my iOS node, to demostrate an parallel execution in iOS and Android, starts to give me an exception.

How I solved the problem?

After a few Google search tries I found this issue on Appium GitHub project:

So I downgrade the selenium-server version from 3.9.1 to 3.7.1 and it worked!

If you have some problems…

Easily read a QR Code and use it in your test

The problem

Recently one of my teams faced a technical problem: read a QR Code from a web page to use it for an authorisation process.

As we need to create an E2E test to guarantee the user journey, the main problem is how to read the content of a QR Code, on a webpage, and use it in the subsequent test.

As we use Selenium WebDriver with Java as programming language the main challenge was find a library (in Java) to read the QR Code.

Reading a QR Code

The ZXing (“zebra crossing”) is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java…

A plan to facilitate developers on their journey

The background

In my new journey, as Agile Coach (yes, Agile Coach), I have a big challenge for the first quarter: facilitate, mentoring and coach technical people on agile teams.

You must be thinking: where the technical lead or something related?
So, we have few tech leads inside the teams and I also believe, like you, that we have to some tech manager or any position related.

Today we have 21 agile teams with around 60 technical people (programmers and testers). Some of them are really good at programming and testing software, some of them aren't.

What's my plan to start

First I'm inside some teams (like…


This post is part of the same presentation given by myself and Bruno Souza at the JavaOne Conference 2017 in San Francisco.

Although extremely important, we are not talking here about unit testing and integration testing, assuming you already know what it is and already apply it, as a developer concerned about the quality of your code.

Test Automation Pyramid and Agile Testing Quadrants

Creating tests is the easiest and quickest way to test your application and ensure that if any bug appears, you will find it before your client.

Currently, we cannot talk about testing without talking about test automation. The application of the test…


Before Google Chrome 59 the headless execution must be done by 3party headless browsers like PhantomJS, SlimerJS, TrifleJS, Nightmare, and HTMLUnit.

The "problem" is that these headless browsers emulate some engines, but not V8 (Chrome engine).

PhantomJS | QtWebKit
SlimerJS | Gecko (Firefox)
TrifleJS | Trident (Internet Explorer)
Nightmare | Electron

When we talk about testing, and most of the users in various segments use Google Chrome, it's necessary to simulate the real engine.

How to do it with Java

As Google Chrome shipping headless in version 59 (as you can see here) we can tell to ChromeDriver the options before the execution.

In the code…

Now the Appium team created a new called Appium Desktop.

The images can take a while to load because they are gif :)


The new one Appium Desktop continue to works on Windows and MacOSx platforms, and now in Linux. The main propose stills: a server and an inspector running the last version of Appium.

There is a new GUI written in Electron, React and Redux totally remodeled with three different​ parts:

  • Simple: you can change the default host and port
  • Advanced: you can control general settings like log path, log level, node path, session and timezone. You…

This post is very short to not show spoilers :)

Disclaimer: I'm mainly a tester that knows how to code and create applications (actually in Java, Javascript, Android, Angular, Ionic). So all these books require code skills (any level) and it's an actual testers transformation (T-Shaped, Tester 3.0, etc…)

Developer Testing: Building Quality Into Software

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