This story continues How I Built Timeasure: Part 1 — Motivation & Method Wrapping.

The previous story described Timeasure (see: Github / RubyGems / Live Demo), a new gem that helps Ruby developers in measuring the runtime of their methods in production and gaining valuable knowledge regarding the proper path…

I’ve recently released Timeasure, a new gem that serves as a transparent method-level wrapper for profiling purposes in Ruby.

It was released under the GitHub account of the company I work for, Riskified, as its core was developed as part of a task I was given there. I have taken…

Class methods are the source for continuous discussions and disagreements among my colleagues. While some consider them precise and helpful, others feel they are actually pesky and that they tend to make code harder to read and manage. As for me, I find that the truth tends to lean to…

Eliav Lavi

Software Developer @ Riskified; Theorbo Player

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