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Tamar (left) and Eli (right) excited about what’s next for Origin.

Tamar van de Paal joins Origin as the COO and cofounder at quite an opportune time. Throughout 2020 we’ve been working on R&D to provide tailored and unique travel experiences for Origin members, and as we grow into 2021 Tamar brings a wealth of highly relevant experience to empower our next chapter.

Over the last two decades, Tamar has led initiatives in marketing, international growth, operations, and community building at Google, Nextdoor, Spotzer, and Wunderman.

At Origin, Tamar will oversee operations, marketing, and community building. He’ll prepare Origin operationally for growth, where algorithms will supercharge the travel team so they can scale and become even better at providing best-in-class experiences. …

Origin is a human driven travel service where AI/ML superpowers our travel curators to best serve our members. To complete the experience we designed our customer experience to revolve around the Origin App.

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Screenshots of Origin’s App UI

The app enables us to interact with our members through a smooth and controlled platform where …

  • Trip functions from start to finish are shared and updated with members
  • Communication with our travel curators are done via the Origin’s app chat feature to keep our members in close contact with our curators.
  • The app acts as the ideal interface for our human-in-the-loop ML operations while keeping the experience as human as possible. …


Eli Bressert

Love big ideas and putting them into action by connecting the impossible. Cofounder and CEO of Origin.

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