Step 1: Build it. Step 2: Post on Product Hunt. Step 3: Tell your mom you’re on the news.

The first step in marketing: build something people want. Pretty obvious. I even feel a little foolish writing that down as if preaching some long forgotten capitalist gospel. It’s also true. And not only was it our first step but it was our second, our third and continues to be our next step with every decision we make at Reelgood. So come launch day where did all this product focus leave us?

Well, from a product perspective, we felt confident. We’d built a tool that truly helps our users find movies they want to see, keep track of them, and share them with their friends. It was useful and surprisingly addictive. Looking at this from a growth perspective, we had a great base, but not much of a framework above that. No advertising buys, no viral marketing stunts, we barely even had enough t-shirts and stickers to clothe our own team and cover our laptops. So with no swag, no celebrities, and no overflowing coffers for limitless retargeting campaigns, where did we turn on launch day to grow our user base? Well, besides asking our moms to share the post on Facebook, we looked first to Product Hunt.

We bought Kiki Shir’s book, read the blogs, and talked to our friends. We had roundtables, stand-ups, and talked strategy. Turns out, by really focusing on our product and having a clear set of features tailored to a very specific set of problems, we’d already done everything we needed. Come launch day, we got in touch our friend Ben Lang (name drop) who’s been a big part of the Product Hunt community, and had him post on our behalf. The whole team registered as makers and that was pretty much it. Seriously.

By 6pm we’d been featured on E!Online, Teen Vogue, The Next Web, App Advice, more than a few Spanish speaking blogs (hola y gracias), and even the network news in Utah. Two days later we have over 3,500 installs and climbing. Our mentions on twitter and around the web are up every day and our moms got to say they saw us on the news. An extra special bonus around the holiday season. All simply from posting on Product Hunt. We didn’t even get number one that day, we had 400+ upvotes and landed in second.

Now that we have a product out in the iOS universe and a user base to work with, we can build out a growth strategy custom tailored to the messaging we know resonates with them. We already have stories about us for pull quotes and everything. All we did was focus on building something people wanted and Product Hunt has taken care of the rest for now. Pretty simple. 10/10. Would recommend.

Shameless plug: now go download Reelgood. It’s real.. well, you know, good.

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