Trump’s bankrupt stance on immigration

The Orange One has shared his immigration policy, and it is just as predictably stupid as most of what he’s spewed:

1- Deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants would cost somewhere between 200 to 600 billion dollars. The DHS’s yearly budget hovers at 60 billion dollars. How does a fiscal conservative justify increasing government spending tenfold?

2- Special tariffs and burdens on Mexican immigrants: Trump doesn’t seem to realize that many undocumented immigrants aren’t Mexican, but that they come from further south. Even if Trump managed to pass bills to enforce these restrictions, with the aim of making Mexico pay for his giant wall (because, as we all know, Hispanic immigrants act exactly like zombie hordes from Dawn of the Dead), this still stands to be a very damaging move in the long run as he would be destroying relations with our third largest trading partner.

3- Increasing governmental spending for border security and deportation: This is more of an ironic issue than anything else. Republicans in congress have stopped many bills that proposed to do just that, in an effort to blacken the President’s reputation. Having them suddenly pass those bills if the Orange One is in office would be par for the course regarding their usual hypocrisy, but I do hope we call them out on the double standard.

4- Increasing barriers to legal immigration: Why? Speaking as someone currently seeking his green card, the process is already extremely long and harrowing. We are treated as second class citizens, and we have to be twice as good as any local in order to even get the job in the first place. Increasing barriers to legal immigration won’t help the local economy, it will simply turn away a very qualified segment of the population, and one who actually has a beneficial impact on local economies

5- Ending or restricting refugee programs: This is a moral issue more than anything else. The US is currently involved in shooting wars in over a dozen countries, and over the past decades has created unrest in many others, including most of South and Central America. For the US to stop aiding the very victims of its own policies would be a giant “fuck you” to humanity in general, and a dark spot in our history. We either have to completely rethink our foreign policy, or we must deal with its humanitarian consequences.

6- Ending birthright citizenship: Not only would that require a constitutional amendment as it flies in the face of the fourteenth amendment, it does raise the question of why anyone born in a particular country has the right to automatic citizenship. Does the fact that Trump happened to hatch from his slime pond in the US make him more deserving of living here than someone who clawed their way out of a war zone to reach this country?

I know that financial objections are completely lost on a man whose business model is best described as serial bankruptcy, and moral objections matter even less to that ginger-frosted turd, but I do hope to see them clamored high and loud enough for people to realize just how incompetent that man is.