By: Debralyn Woodberry-Shaw

In 2015, I participated in boOST your expertise — a 10-month action research program to deepen my expertise on trauma-informed care in out-of-school time (OST) programs for young people of Color. My research questions were:

  1. How can a trauma-informed care community be created in an OST program and
  2. What, if any, impacts does the community have on the young people served?

I conducted regular training sessions with staff at one OST program through boOST. Additionally, I observed staff and provided feedback. Lastly, staff self-reflected on their mindsets and behaviors routinely. I learned the most effective method for…

By: Debralyn Woodberry-Shaw

I have volunteered, interned, and worked in out-of-school time (OST) programs since 2001. OST is the broad name given to programs and activities for preschoolers through twelfth graders that occur when they are not in school including before school, after school, during summer, and on weekends. As an out-of-school worker, I noticed many of my White colleagues and those without a social work background did not view youth of Color’s behaviors as symptoms but as features of their character. Young people of Color tend be labeled defiant, disrespectful, and disengaged more than their White peers due to…

Trauma-informed care is a framework for interacting with the unnoticed and diagnosed trauma in our world. The advantages of trauma-informed care are that it is not a treatment modality, anyone can be trained on the approach, and it doesn’t ignore the experiences of individuals. Having a basic understanding in trauma-informed care protects against doing more harm to people that are experiencing trauma or continuous stress. While our services are applicable for any organization, ELIE Circle, LLC. prioritizes training staff without a psychology, social work, or similar background at child serving organizations.

Professional Development Sessions


  • Trauma-Informed Care Framework
  • Complex Trauma…

ELIE Circle, LLC.

We work to eliminate harm of young people through research, professional development experiences, education, and consulting. Website:

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