By: Debralyn Woodberry-Shaw

In 2015, I participated in boOST your expertise — a 10-month action research program to deepen my expertise on trauma-informed care in out-of-school time (OST) programs for young people of Color. My research questions were:

  1. How can a trauma-informed care community be created in an OST program and
  2. What, if any, impacts does the community have on the young people served?

I conducted regular training sessions with staff at one OST program through boOST. Additionally, I observed staff and provided feedback. Lastly, staff self-reflected on their mindsets and behaviors routinely. I learned the most effective method for staff and organizational change was continuous training, observations, and staff self-reflections. In addition, I realized if I wanted to measure the impact of these professional development experiences on young people’s wellness, my engagement with staff needed to be collaborative, consistent, and comprehensive. …


ELIE Circle, LLC.

We work to eliminate harm of young people through research, professional development experiences, education, and consulting. Website:

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