A Call Out to Rape Survivors, Advocates, and Activists: Share Your Story on Podcast

IF YOU ARE A SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AND WANT TO TELL YOUR STORY, I am looking for survivors, advocates, and activists to feature on my podcast https://soundcloud.com/elieen-doe

The more I speak with women, the more I see that women DO want to speak out and have their stories told. This is complicated of course and there are safety issues both physical and psychological. Speaking out is very difficult.

I am looking for survivors to help them share their stories in an article or podcast. I am also looking for activists and advocates to interview. You can contact me here on FB msg or at mysfstory@ yahoo.com I am lined up with stories until late June so new stories will air after that. You do not need to be from SF. No matter what your experience police mishandling, you found justice, or didn’t report I am also interested in helping you tell your story.

Thank you to all the women who have come forward. Also, a FB friend reminded me that your stories are yours to tell or NOT tell. It may be easier or more appropriate at this time to talk with a counselor for support and advocacy. These calls are confidential and I have spoken with a few women who needed a safety plan before speaking out. You can reach the 24 /7 Sexual Assault hotline at 1–800–656–4673. This number is through RAINN and is separate from my work. https://www.rainn.org/

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Eileen is a psyudonym but my story is true and real. In 1993 I was raped at knifepoint by a stranger. My case was never investigated and last November, 2016 I received a call from the San Francisco Police Department informing me of a conclusive DNA hit on a serial rapist. He is out free and there is no way to prosecute due to the statute of limitations. My story is a drop in the overflowing bucket of injustice towards survivors of sexual assault. You can find my activism here: