PhotoWings founder Suzie Katz urges that lessons from photography and the thinking behind it are far more universal and compelling than we realize.

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Photoville 2017 in New York City. Photo by United Photo Industries/Alan Winslow

Photoville, the largest annual photography festival of its kind in New York City, opens this week for its seventh year. Photographer Suzie Katz loves the festival because it’s not like going to a fine art gallery. Admission is free and, as attendees weave through the shipping containers turned galleries, they can interact with many of the photographers on-site.

Katz is one of Photoville’s partners, but her main passion is to find ways to reach people who can’t make it to the festival — or to any festival.

“It never made sense to me for only 30 people who happened to be in the room to be the only ones to benefit from that knowledge,” Katz says.


Elie Gardner

Photojournalist + filmmaker. Writer + Editor / Re-Picture. Community Team @everydayeverywhere. Grad student in Global Development. Norway.

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