1. I’m doing this for no other reason than to pretend there’s some sense of normalcy.
2. Bernie is the worst. Always has been. He’s selfish. Self-righteous, delusional and entirely out sync with what the democratic party actually wants. SOME of his policy ideas have helped move the Overton Window, and…

Morning After Thoughts 3/11/2020

1. Feel like that was the first full, deep, cleansing breath I’ve taken in weeks (as an airborne epidemic sets in…)
2. Last week Bernie blamed the “establishment” for Pete, Warren and Amy K dropping out…rather than ya know, common sense and the ability to add numbers…

Morning After Thouts 3/4/2020

1. Biggest “Phew” yet. Three pseudo-surprises: Biden won TX and MA, Bloomberg did nothing and Warren hasn’t dropped out yet.
2. A few weeks after the midterms in ’18, our “we’re on hiatus” podcast — Taking Ship (links in the comments) — held a live show in…

Four years ago, in response to a deluge of emails and texts from friends and co-workers about my reaction to the Iowa Caucuses, I typed out my first “Morning After Thoughts” and posted it on Facebook. I continued the practice after each primary, convention, and general election debates (and then…

It’s not unusual for me to skip out on cultural flashpoints or moments where it seems like everyone you know is focused on one thing. I’ve never read or watched any Harry Potter. I’ve never seen a John Hughes movie and the only Patrick Swayze movie I’ve seen is Point…

“Morning After Thoughts”

To start, I’m still in a bit of shock and trying to process what happened last night (hangover is not helping). It’s like that cliché of waking up next to someone you dislike and not knowing how you got there.

I am sorry.

About 11 hours ago…

My “What to watch for/survival guide” for Election Day 2016.

1. Stay off social media, it’ll only freak you out. Don’t watch TV until about 8p (oddly, I’d suggest watching FOX for the returns) and do not obsessively check news websites. They won’t know anything until polls start to close.

Elie Jacobs

Political junkie, public affairs & p.r. consultant at EJ Strategies and a partner with the Truman Nat'l Security Project

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