Well, I’m 6'5". People are less willing to harass me. That advantage is doubled because I’m a male.
Jason McCormick

When it comes to privileges, i agree that there are privileges, but not solely based on the colour of your skin. I believe for instance that if you are raised by a father and mother (Two parent household), you benefit from more privileges than anyone else in American society. This is regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc.

Moreover, matters pertaining to white privilege are more prevalent in Asian and Indian societies. For example, they earn better grades in school, on IQ tests, on credit scores, ultimately earn higher wages an they are experiencing the lowest crime rates. Therefore, everything that is attributed to ‘white privilege’ is more prevalent in Asian and Indian societies.

Finally, more women are entering and graduating colleges all around. In the past fifty years, women have begun to take over jobs traditionally held by men, such as: doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other specialized career paths that require the successful attainment of a college degree. Women in their early 20s up to 29 are typically earning more income than men.

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