Why Every Progressive Should Vote For Hillary Clinton
Sara Benincasa

applause* This is fabulous! So right on the money. The one thing that people leave out in these arguments, though, is the fact that Donald Trump will piss off so many people in the world that if he doesn’t start a world war, or at least a global fracas, I will be amazed.

This is what I consider to be the most dangerous thing about Trump: he doesn’t care what he says or to whom as long as it brings him the attention he wants. This sociopathic narcissist has already most likely garnered more recruits for ISIS (or ISIL, or the hateful killing people who have it in for us and all Westerners/Judeo-Christian peoples or whatever you want to call them) than they could ever hope to gain on their own. His venomous verbal diarrhea is much more dangerous than any domestic policies he could create and/or destroy. This is what we need to talk about.

If Donald Trump is allowed to lead this nation, it won’t matter what his domestic policy is because there will likely be nothing left of it for any of that to matter. Am I being alarmist? Perhaps. And I don’t want to fear-monger. There is enough of that happening in the GOP platform! But I do want people to know exactly what may lie in store for us if they are foolish enough to elect this crass, self-absorbed, narrow-minded and completely-unprepared-to-be-president candidate.

They’re worried about the safety of this country? How about they don’t elect a crazy man who can’t control his temper in the best of situations, and who, by the way, would have access to the nuclear codes and blow the world out of existence.

So yes to everything you said. Emphatically, yes! But this, too. There is a difference between fear-mongering and extrapolating a potential (or even likely) outcome. And I, for one, don’t want to end up in the middle of WWIII. We don’t think it could happen, but neither did the German people, or, for that matter, the rest of Europe in the 1930s.

“Talk amongst yourselves…”