50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms
Benjamin P. Hardy

According to my own, rather short, life experience, I think marrying someone you love that believes in you, have kids, and actively taking care of both is the ultimate motivation. It gives you an unmatched sense of purpose and responsibility, while implicitly forcing you to prioritise.

In my case I met my wife when I was 16 and had my second child at 25, so I kinda grew up in this context. It may not apply to people my age still looking for the love of their live.

In a more general way, It is known than mind > matter, so finding a sense of purpose and cultivating self-awareness seems like the most important.

Also continuous learning is a key to stay sharp and creative.

Fasting and drinking coconut oil… More of a trendy Californian habit than an essential key to live a better life if you ask me :)

Great article though !

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