Your skills are transferrable. No matter what anyone says, you can change careers and apply what you’ve learned in a prior professional setting to your new venture. Over a year ago, I chose to convert my specific skillset to an unfamiliar field, finding the similarities between law and sales, and merging its separate mentalities into one that I could excel with. I went from a successful lawyer to accept an offer I couldn’t refuse, pursuing a new career in high-tech.

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Just not feelin’ law

Before deciding what to study, I considered what skills could later guide me in the business world. Playing basketball from a young age had allowed me to develop a proverbial sight of spatial awareness and back then, it helped me see how the tools I would accumulate in law might prepare me for the said business world… eventually. I was looking at my future and its positioning from a number of angles, projecting how legal skills and its academic landscape would set me up for end game success. …

Eliezer Cohen

Account Executive @ Hibob

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