Sarah Palin = “a bit of pandering”???
Craig Froehle

Hindsight’s 20/20. Bear in mind, she was picked 6-weeks before the election, so I didn’t have a lot of time to make a judgment, and even less time because the news media spent the first 3-weeks of that making up sheer nonsense about her teenage daughter ‘secretly’ being the ‘real mother’ of Palin’s last child (the one with Down Syndrome). Unlike Jeb Bush, I’ll admit that, knowing what I know now of her, I would have voted against McCain just to vote against Palin. That said, the Democrats nonetheless nominated the until-now least qualified nominee for POTUS in the history of major parties in this country, because ‘Hope and Change’. So it wasn’t, in my mind, an ideal choice either way, and while I’ve been generally happy with Obama (even voted for him in 2012… again, to put Country First over Mitt ‘The Human Flip-Flop’ Romney), I’m often reminded by his impulsive, uninformed behaviors of why a POTUS needs to be experienced. Oh… and he signed the NDAA, that little thing that lets him kill any American citizen he wants to, and which God Help Us ‘The Donald’ will inherit if he wins, which is about as clear an indication of someone being dangerously inexperienced for the job of POTUS as could be imagined.

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