On Liking the Unlikeable Hillary Clinton
Melissa McEwan

I feel you. I always liked Hillary Clinton. Never could wrap my head around the Ravenous, Acid Spitting Xenomorph they have to caricature her as. For a quick minute during her Nomination, most Americans outside the Far Right and Far Left got to see who she really was outside the noise and filter of the media ‘unlikeability’ narrative and remembered, “Oh yeah, she’s a real, multidimensional, fleshed out human being, and a darned likeable one.” But as soon as that ended, they were back to the old narrative, Right and Left finding a perverse common cause in bolstering that hateful, deeply misogynistic cartoon mustachio’d villain image they’ve spent four decades painting of her. And, if we’re honest, we’re not living under POTUS Trump now because of any failing of Hillary’s or because White Middle American Bigots voted Trump, we’re living under it because people who pretended to great Liberal and Progressive Purity didn’t vote, wasted a vote on someone with no chance of winning (and in the case of Gary Johnson, no actual Liberal or Progressive values beyond, basically, liking pot and being a stoner bro), or made a big show of ‘I’m holding my nose to vote for her’ thus hardly encouraging anyone to see her as who she really was beyond the false narrative. The Left, and the so-called Liberal Media, far more than any others, are why we are where we are now.