Examination of Gender Roles By Mona Lisa Smiles

Gender mean created stereotype roles from society, parents, religions, school and media, these roles are called gender roles. Gender roles may change society to society, it seems in a lot of society in the world. People expect to behave according to these roles and this situation called social learning theory. Mona Lisa Smiles shows some gender roles from on a teacher who is Katherine Watson, she come to new school as a teacher, this school have only girl students and Katherine Watson faces a lot of gender roles in this school. 
First, when we look Katherine Watson’s coming to new city, she searches a place for living and this part tells difficulty women to live by self. She had to change accommodation because men visitors are prohibition first place. After she finds an accommodation, we will look first days her. Being single, being mid-thirties of her are criticized from girls. According to them, no women prefer living without hearth and home. Actually, some gender roles are commented from of a student and she said ‘Katherine Watson doesn’t marry because she doesn’t prefer it’ but even so most of the girls have same ideas about marriage and in this context gender roles are created about marriage. 
Secondly, elements of creating and developing gender roles are the very important point. This is because people create gender roles and these spread each other. Gender roles arise from society, parents, religions, school and media. Mona Lisa Smile shows specially parents and school’s effects on gender roles. For example, Betty is a character in film and this character curious and excited for marriage. According to her, marriage is most important things for girls. Every girl must marriage for future and the big gain of girls’ is home with partner and children in life. This character teaches gender roles from mother, Betty wanted to divorce after the marriage because they couldn’t find happiness in terms of own expectations so she wanted to divorce but her mother got angry because divorcing is shame in society and men sometimes don’t interest home and wife, this is a normal situation in marriage. These ideas show that gender roles come from family. Another example, a girl who is unadmitted as beautiful and so other girls sometimes hold up to ridicule according to girls she is unlucky because she can’t find a husband so she can’t hold a happy house which dream of all girls in school but in fact these dreams and ideas arise from created gender roles. 
İn conclusion, people create a lot of gender roles and they expect people around them live according to these roles. These roles sometimes affect strictly peoples life because gender roles generate serious constraint and people are felt obey gender roles. However, gender roles only created stereotype and this situation is known that people’s genders aren’t a difference for social life. Nobody is responsible from own gender in society because gender isn’t factor which comes restriction.

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