Archeology Museum which is first founded museum in Turkey. This museum has contentful artifacts about history such as sculptures from the Ancient Age, Archaic Era or Roma Era. Also “İstanbul Through the Ages” collection is exhibited in there and it is important collection in museum.

Archeology Museum has a lot of historical artifacts so classification is first important thing for evaluating museum. Classification is the best successful criterion in Archeology Museum. This is because historical artifacts vary by a lot of condition such as place, time, nations etc. so in that case classification must be correct and clear. Accuracy should evaluate from historiographer because a lot of visitor don’t have good information so we can evaluate clearness, Archeology Museum is really successful on this point, artifacts classify by from term, place and nations a to z although have a lot of historical artifacts. Also this classification leads to positive inference, people who don’t have any knowledge about topics or history, may will learn new something or have ideas. Briefly, classification creates some meanings and these seem clearly in Archeology museum so it is very successful.

Representation is second important factor in museums. This is because it has direct effect on museum’s vocation and visitors’ perspective. Representation should be successful so visitors understand clearly historical artifacts and learn new something. Representation in Archeology Museum isn’t successful on this topic. For example identity cards are insufficient for publicity of historical artifacts. Cards are prepared according to experts of history but people who don’t have any knowledge about history, may not be able understand identity cards clearly. Many tourists visit this museum and generally they are uninformed about Ancient Age or Old Istanbul so identity cards should be better. On the other hands, protection of historical artifacts is not good and this situation raise doubts visitors. For example, unfortunately Zeus’s Head was stolen but this historical artifact’s identity card still represent in museum. This seem small detail but it may be important some visitors. İf we say good presentation techniques in there, we can exemplify İstanbul Through the Ages. This part represents clearly and place’s names are given by today’s names so it is remarkable technique especially people who live in Istanbul.

Interpretation is the best factor in formation of the museum. Representation and classification techniques provide this factor in Archeology Museum. Historical artifacts classify according to term so classification seem history chronologically and people may interpret historical process or how humanity evolve in by time. Museum has a lot of historical artifacts which is related non — European peoples or nations and these artifacts shows their way of live. Also Istanbul Through the Ages part interpret with geographical and social classification; this may compare with modern days.

Motivation is the last and the most important factor in all museums. This is because other factors create motivation’s results. In Archeology Museum’s motivation must examine with other techniques. For example, representation with identity cards is insufficient in terms of teaching or informing. Successful classification show and teach something to visitors so this is important in terms of motivation. All texts have a link with each other, this link leads to teaching historical knowledge. Also a lot of interesting artifacts are used in museum and this using make a sense on people.