Othering on Arabs - Reel Bad Arabs

Othering stereotype people in terms of religion, language, race, gender, nationality, country, origin, family etc. and this othering make with a lot of technique such as films, music, TV programs, and news. Arabs otherise in many aspects for a long time and a lot of stereotype image paste on them. Reel Bad Arabs narrate othering of Arabs in Hollywood movies and this documentary has a lot of rich example about topic so now othering of Arabs will be examined from documentary.

First of all, othering stem from some political reasons and this situation refers anthropological approach that is to say meaning depends on power relations in the classification system. Hollywood is a formation of American monopoly and films support American culture, ideas and society so they show Arabs differently from original state. They create new Arab perspective with some figure and ideas but people who create this perspective, don’t know anything about Arabs so this perspective can’t reflect really Arabs.

Arabs are showed non-human according to created perspective. Men are seem differently for instance they seem like acquisitive, cruel, womanizer and clumsy on a lot of films. Women are showed ignorant and slave whereas they aren’t like these. They are clever and hardworking but this reality is always hidden from audience. This situation start recently realizing and Hollywood start to create a new perspective that shown is Arab woman like a terrorist or bomber. According to dialogic approach, meaning or perspective always change when during of interaction so women perspective is changed as part of dialogic approach.

Hollywood films cause people comment easily about Arabs. This is because Arabs are showed bad people and all bad incidents associate with Arabs. Even Arabs are used qualifying for bad things in films which are irrelevant about them. Some Muslim people’s mistakes or evils attribute to all Arabs, At this point othering transform hate speech.

In conclusion, Arabs otherise in Hollywood films for a long time and a lot of stereotype image paste on them. Hollywood has created a new perspective about Arabs and they have shown them different from original state.

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