Public sphere represents as is evident from its name public and free area. People share ideas and produce new opinions in there. Public sphere occasion consists of the private sphere and civil society. Private sphere represents partially personal space and people produce ideas in there. Also, private sphere is influential about on people’s mind. Civil society mean ruling class, as you known civil society interfere to public so we can say that civil society from topics on society. Public topics are evaluated and discussed in public sphere so discourses of public sphere analyze society. Also, we have named interior, external and border concepts in spatial topics. İnterior, external and border create each other and these concepts will be examined according to Streets Photos from Home
Firstly, these items are individual every person have own interior, external and border perceptions and people can adapt these perceptions different place in parallel with interior, external and border can change continuously. For example, a photo was taken from the home and other flats were shown in the opposite. Home is personal space for most people and we can say home represent interior for people and out of the window is external. However, flats in the opposite are interior according to different people so these perceptions have changed from person to person. Also another important point; if we named border to window, window affect to people’s perspective so people’s external perceptions create according to border this situation shows internal, external and border always create each other. 
Secondly, public sphere from home, streets are public sphere for people. For example, people set a table in the street in a photo. People produce ideas around a table and these ideas reflect civil society from another angle civil society generates moot point for people around the table. Also, public sphere from home may represent as external according to person at home or this situation may affect people’s border perspective.
To sum up briefly, all spatial items like interior, external, border create and form each other. Every mentioned space gives an idea about other spaces. Also, these elements may change person to person because everybody create own space perception. Public sphere as to a circ, people share ideas in public sphere, these ideas affect civil society and their private sphere and people again deduce in this context and share own inferences in public sphere.