In old times art was consumed by a special audience. This audience consists of elite and wealthy people and according to these people art has two important conditions. First condition is individuality means artwork is unique in the world and this artwork can’t render again or present with another ways. Also presentation is important point for space which is admitted second condition of art. Space relate place where present artwork. Artwork must be presented special place for being accepted. For many years people consider art with these conditions and so perception of art becomes stereotyped.

Marcel Duchamp propounded conceptual art ideas and it lead to change in perception of art. Duchamp presented a pissuar which is called Fountain in New York and this pissuar admitted artwork so people thought again about art. They couldn’t find any mean but according to people artwork have some messages. Duchamp presented another pissuar in another places so this artwork lost perception of individuality and space. Conceptual art started with this incident and art started getting public.

Today people are still debating on art and street art is one of the topics in this discussion. Although there are many ideas on this topic, street performers can’t decide street art whether it is art. Street art doesn’t have art concerns so it may accept art but it isn’t totally art.

Firstly, performers want to find a new world and express own ideas. Some people are dissatisfied about some issues such as politics, education or life conditions and they want to indicate and show to other people. Graffiti is their methods for reflecting themselves; they don’t act street art for art.

We should consider street art is public art. This is because all people can see street art in everywhere, people who live together share same streets and they may have different life style but nevertheless they see same street art. Also people reach different inferences and this situation show street art doesn’t have specific message.

Street art doesn’t have art concerns as mentioned before. Street performers don’t have to being educated or being included some groups like stereotyped perception of art. Street art doesn’t have any rules or obligations, people use what they want technics, dyes and walls. Furthermore street art doesn’t have concern about presentation, space and individuality because people can use all streets and walls. Graffiti doesn’t present special places or we can see same graffiti on another place.

People in Turkey keep away to street art, they don’t like and may be disturbed from it. However, street performers get better streets. Sometimes streets used by advertiser or politician and this situation cause deformed streets so street performers restore visual pollutions. At this point we can mention street art’s benefit and also we can realize power of the street.

To sum up, street art may accept art but street performers don’t interpret it for art. They don’t have art concerns, their only aim expressing themselves and feeling better with street art. If we look in terms of conceptual art; street art’s factors remove stereotyped art perspective.