In this dynamic and rapidly changing world where needs are unlimited, resources are limited, stakeholders are tough and deadlines are almost tomorrow, starting work without prioritising will cause crushing under heavy workload.

However, one of the most important goals of the product manager is to design / develop the most meaningful and valuable lean product (minimum viable product) for the end user. While developing the MVP, company and product strategy should be followed, end user needs should be considered, competitor and market analysis should be done. …

Design Thinking requires looking for dimensions that cannot be seen at first glance, pursuing alternative strategies and calculating all assumptions. One shouldn't expect ready-made recipes from the design thinking method. It’s a way of thinking and working. Using this system, an innovative way of thinking can be designed on almost any subject and in any field. It’s a groundbreaking method for both startups and corporate companies.


For the relevant product or people, it is necessary to make an effort to understand first. Empathy could be one of the keywords here. Questioning the problem in a multidimensional way, questioning the possibilities…

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Providing product development teams with a planned vision and clear direction for the creation or development of a product.

As one of the coolest, most difficult and misunderstood roles that can be undertaken in a tech company, Product Management means; doing everything- except writing code - to turn an idea-level product into a tangible product, although it varies widely from company to company.

To be successful in such a comprehensive job description, a broad skill set is needed. This skill set has changed rapidly over the years as methods, markets and technologies, and most importantly, the size and organization of…

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With the age of digital technology, customers are like a technologically equipped hunter who is aware of almost all online tools, knows and finds what they want. On the other hand, companies focus on constantly improving their big data and analytical capabilities. Brands spend most of their time working on what attracts customers, the factors that affect their purchasing decisions, and what their next steps will be.

In the words of David Edelman, today’s developing technologies, processes, organizational structures and companies renew the balance of power and create new values ​​for brands and consumers. At the center of this change…

IOS14, watchOS 7, iPadOS 14, MacOS updates and more

The 31st edition of WWDC20 will be an opportunity for millions of creative and innovative developers around the world to foresee the future of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS and learn from Apple engineers working to develop application experiences that enrich the lives of Apple customers around the world. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, it will be the first digital conference developers and will only take place on June 22 in 3 days!

Through its official blog, Apple posted the WWDC20 sessions and the conference program. According to the shared information, WWDC20 will start with “Special Event Keynote”. Even…

Who will win?

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We can show the new media as the most fundamental invention or the most important event of the last century that enables the concept of speed to become the basic element of competition. If we are to express it more concretely and clearly; emerging with developing computer, internet and mobile technology, users can interact independent of time / place. Transmission in traditional media, print and visual media, namely newspapers, television and other media is one-way. However, there is a mutual interaction with the target audience in new media tools. …

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With more than 6 million mobile apps in major app stores, getting your app discovered without using any technique is one of the biggest challenges the mobile app publisher faces. If you’re in the mobile app area, it’s important to understand the various methods used to market your app because with the developing competition in the application world, it becomes difficult to increase the visibility of the applications. I would like to share the application store optimization (or ASO for short), one of the most important of these techniques, which has been overlooked so far.

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Would you like an application that allows you to communicate, shop online, order cars, read books, play games, take out food, and pay for everything? In fact, these super apps already exist!

WeChat, Alipay, GoJek and Grab (maintain its own “app store” that hosts mini apps); with almost more than 1 billion monthly users and 1 billion active users annually, have become an integral part of the Chinese and Asian mobile ecosystem. Super applications provide financial services, including payment, insurance and investment, as well as bicycle rental, grocery delivery, shipping service, and the list goes on.

Comedies, Dramas, Thrillers, Documentaries and more

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Details of the long-awaited Apple TV + service was announced at the Apple Special Event. The service will be active in more than 100 countries at the same time, with new shows being added each month. It will be launched on November 1st and starts at $4.99 per month for a family account with a seven-day free trial.

“Apple TV + is an unrivaled global video service that includes completely original productions” said Jamie Erlicht, President of Apple’s Global Video and added: “We look forward to offering audiences the opportunity to watch these engaging stories everywhere, giving them a rich…

Manipulation, Violation, Misuse and More

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Social media is the largest of our family, where we share almost every moment and do not hide even the smallest information about our lives. It knows much more about you than your mother, father or your closest friends. Not only does it know about you, it’s also constantly trying to sell you something. Those shoes or computers that you don’t like, follow you closely with this information. But in fact, social media is doing much more than that, without even being aware of it.

I’m talking about the story of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, which has been spoken since…

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