Competition — You Are Your Own Biggest Competitor

Typically when you think of competition you think of the opposing team with the different color jersey or in a business environment it can be the store across the street in the same market, competing for the same customers.

But I’m writing to challenge that mindset a little bit, to motivate you and inspire you to think bigger.

You pick your battles, you pick your fights, you pick your game. The moment you decide to play the game is the moment you created the game and all the rules that come along with it. Choose wisely.

I believe that competition begins in our minds. And that we ourselves are actually our own biggest competitor. This can be self defeating and can get in the way of living a successful life.

Your Competitors’ 2 Biggest Weapons

This competitor comes against us using doubt — second guessing ourselves, hesitation, feeling undeserving, and worst of all self-criticism — we can look in the mirror and go all day pointing out the things we don’t like about ourselves. Second is fear — of criticism, failure, embarrassment and being put on the spot.

But if the competition is started in your head and you are your own biggest competitor then you can decide at that moment that you are the winner.

“Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.” — Sun Tzu

The phrase, “you let them get to you, you let them get in your head, “ is something you might have heard after being defeated. In other words, you were intimidated so much that you didn’t perform at the top of your potential. Why does this make so much sense? Because who you thought was the biggest competitor was actually an outsider talking to those insecurities inside of you, acknowledging them and amplifying them to crush your motivation.

When It Comes to Success

There’s another quote that I’m sure you’ve heard from people who have accomplished great things that makes a lot of sense … “It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey” or “ the journey was the most rewarding part of the trip”

Success is NOT something you achieve it is something you LIVE OUT. I can choose to be successful right now.

Stop. Look at the clock, what time is it? Now look at the calendar, what day is it? It’s right now, you are living in present time. You are alive right now. Congratulations! You are alive, enjoy your success. You know that it’s a miracle that you’re even alive right now? I know that you’ve gone through some hard times. The majority of us have. But do you even know the chances of YOU being conceived as appose to the other 500 million sperm cells that could have reached the egg, yet only one could and did, YOU. Theres not even a second place winner.

When someone asks you, “What’s your claim to fame?” Tell them your Birthdate! then say I was born a success baby!

So the moment you, “Choose your battles wisely” that exact moment you need to decide that you ARE the winner. Think about it — If you get to choose your battles, the battle is mostly in your head and you yourself are your own biggest competitor then why can’t you DECIDE to win. What I’m saying is make up your mind about winning. To put it in perspective, let’s say your starting a business. bum bum bum…cue the arcade music — “Challenge Accepted”. Right away, you feel excited having made up your mind about something and you feel happy. Then competitor steps in and throws a little doubt at you — “how am I gonna pay my bills if I don’t make enough money?” and maybe a little fear, “the market looks saturated, how will I get ahead!”. And your competitor begins to chip away at your happiness causing you to feel defeated and on the loosing side . But this is the moment you NEED to decide that you are the winner. Remember success is something you live out. Therefore as you are building that business from the ground up you are going from win to win with every step. Think of how much you would enjoy the journey.

Now 2 AMAZING things will happen when you choose to win…

Your biggest competitor now becomes your biggest supporter. Once you have decided and made up your mind that you are successful in your endeavor then there is no more fighting, NO MORE PUSH BACK and your competitor who is yourself will now work with you instead of against you. You have pretty much doubled your potential, your mind is twice as powerful. Think of how much more productive you would be if you had no doubts, no fears, no self criticisms. How would you talk to others knowing you are a winner who is living out success. How would you carry yourself, what would your outward appearance look like? Would you speak with authority and confidence? Would you smile more? Would you take more selfies? lol, ok that last one might be too much, but it’s true. And what I’m saying is that you would be proud of yourself going forward.

Yes there is still work to be done. This doesn’t mean that everything is fine and dandy and no one will come against you. In fact you might attract more haters because they will be jealous of your positive attitude. But we love our haters, you gotta love your hatters. You will have hard days, you will struggle. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to hustle and put in the work. But what would it look like if you work, think and create from a position of a power and authority like a winner?

Amazing Thing Number 2

Who you thought was your competition is now no longer a threat. Who you thought was working against you, you might see as working with you. Who you thought was getting in your way, is actually just driving along side of the road with you in this road trip of life. Who you think is getting between you and success is actually not. In our everyday walk say your place of work, you might see your coworkers or even your boss as people who get in the way. You might see your co workers as competitors for the same promotion, so they are getting in the way of you making more money. Or maybe you have annoying customers that bother you and get in the way of you having a good day. You might see your boss or manager as a tyrant who turns down your ideas/projects and get’s in the way of you doing great work.

But now, taking away fear and doubt, how would you step in to work? How would you treat others? If you had twice the confidence, how would you focus on projects, sales, and approach your boss, coworkers and clients? What kind of effort would you put into the small things, and would you stress about the “big” things knowing you are ALREADY a winner who is living out success. Would you think, “every thing is gonna be alright” as the popular saying goes. OR would you say “everything IS alright.” Also very important is — how would you treat yourself? With more respect possibly? Would you put up with people talking down on you or disrespecting you? They say respect has to be given before it is expected. Well if your not getting the respect you desire, it might be because you haven’t been respecting and honoring yourself first.

I hope to have challenged your thinking in a positive way with this post. As the MJ song goes, I’m starting with the man in the mirror. If you look at the mirror and your not happy, find out why and do something about it. Dig deep, find out who you are, who you were created to be, what makes you different, what makes you special, knowing this will make you happy, proud, and no longer defeated but instead you will become your own biggest cheerleader!

Please comment below. Let me know if this writing had any impact on you. If you agree, disagree or see things differently. And if you would like for me to continue writings blogs like this.

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