Food for Thought — Can You Measure Love?

Is love measurable? How do you know if someone loves you? How do you know if YOU love someone? How can you tell that there is love between one person and another?

First, this is how you know that love exists between one person and another… mourning for their death.

Mourning is the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died, typically involving following certain conventions such as wearing black clothes.

To KNOW someone is to LOVE someone.

If you walked up to a stranger and ask, “do you LOVE me?” they would probably give you a weird look then either say NO or WHO are you?! So in this case do you think this stranger would mourn for you if you passed away? Nope, because they never KNEW you. Sorry for being morbid, but there is such a strong correlation between Life, Love and Death. So likewise around the world people die everyday, and you don’t stop to think and mourn for those you never knew. So this is how you know that love is present between two people. It either is or it’s not, like black and white.

Now once you know that love is present then comes the question of how much. Enters the picture of a couple sitting together and the woman asks her lover, “Do you love me?” “Yes” he answers, her response we all know is coming… “How much?” In another example you have a family, and the kids are discussing about who is dad’s favorite, then one bravely goes up and asks, “Dady, who do you love more?” a very challenging question in both scenarios. This is why…

God is Love, can you measure God?


And God KNOWS everyone, this is why he can LOVE everyone. You could say that if you love someone it’s because there is a God connection between you.

Now here is where it gets interesting…

Can you stop loving someone? Can you loose someones love for you? And can you love someone who doesn’t love you back?

Anytime you have an uneven balance of love, there is disorder, there is confusion and there is suffering. Think about it, the question is asked, “What would a perfect world look like?” Common response is, a place where everybody loves everybody. Sounds correct right? This is not the case in our lives. In some cases someone has fallen short of your love, when this happens you have basically condemned them, whether they deserved it or not. On the other side, what does it feel like to hear the words, “I don’t love you anymore” while you still love them? This is a burn and place of suffering.

To love someone is to accept someone. You accept someone by knowing them first and you know them by spending time with them — this is how you build meaningful relationships.

So how does this apply to you? And the way you treat yourself as well? It applies in the same exact way. By spending time to get to know yourself, you will love yourself, accept yourself and if you mess up it will be easier to forgive yourself. This is not a post about forgiveness, but it does play a roll when it comes to meaningful relationships. Forgiveness is the effort of no longer rejecting someone you once accepted and so this is easier to do if you already practice it with yourself. This is why the phrase, treat others the way that you would like to be treated makes so much sense. But you won’t know how to properly treat others if you don’t know how to treat yourself.

We live complicated lives with complicated people. Some of us, have been on both sides of the love scale. But remember YOU are the most important person in your life. Without you, life as YOU know it no longer exists. So treat yourself right and others will benefit from it.

Please comment below. Let me know if this writing had any impact on you. If you agree, disagree or see things differently. And if you would like for me to continue writings blogs like this.

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