Now is a Great Time to Plant Bulbs/Hope

Now is a great time of year to plant bulbs/hope. The bulbs don’t look like much when they’re put in the ground. But they hold huge potential. And there’s a lot going on underneath the surface. In several months, come spring time, they will peek out of the soil, grow, and blossom into beautiful flowers. Bulbs are incredibly strong and resilient; they’ll survive through the harshest winters. And they multiply. They will grow in number, underground and through the open air. They’ll pop up in unexpected places. With all that said, not every bulb will thrive or even survive. But the more we plant, the more care we put in, the more we’ll have. Bulbs are perennial flowers, so we know they’ll come back, year after year, even when we can’t see them in the coldest and darkest times. They still come back, if we plant them.

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