There is something about light and magic; those moments that allow you to better experience an extension of yourself and the objects around you, in just a split second. In Pursuit Of Magic (IPM) is a global movement that manifested between two street artists in 2012. Founded on the principle of being a constant “crusade to elevate consciousness and amplify meaning in the world,” these two artists have provided an opportunity for people to continue to explore light and magic. They make sure to remind us that the magic we are constantly in pursuit of, is also pursuing us.

On a particularly bright day in the Lower Westside of New York, we briefly caught up with one half of IPM to discuss how they approach spreading light and magic around the world. One of the beautiful aspects about the messaging behind In Pursuit Of Magic is that it is strictly in the hands and minds of the viewer to define what it means for themselves. There is something quite remarkable about walking around a large metropolitan city such as New York, being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of life occurring all around you. Then, as if by design, you’re embraced by a subtle stenciling that reminds you that we are all in pursuit of magic in some way, shape or form. “When people find the words they seem to be lifted up into a state of joy & hope,” says one of the founding artists.

There is a lot to be said about the organic approach to this movement transpiring through many different communities. The two artists met on a photo-shoot and knew right away that they were meant to create something together that the world could love and admire. They decided to meet on that following Tuesday and not leave one another until they became aware of exactly what that was. “That’s when the words In Pursuit Of Magic came to us. We didn’t have a clear sense of what it would become at first so we took it one step at a time listening clearly to ourselves and one another.”

While still being unaware of what those words meant exactly, their newly sparked connection led them to the decision to take the first step by making two stencils and setting out into the streets of New York and California. “We let the rest unfold.”

There is something quite mystical about these two street artists. Both highly concerned with spreading positive vibes and energy through the work that they produce, In Pursuit Of Magic is much larger than them. In fact one of the artists mentions that they both felt “it was something much bigger than the moment the words arrived.”

The artist further explains how each of them interacts with the world on a daily basis coming from a space of “deep respect & love.”

There are many reasons why people who have encountered the three word mantra identify with it differently. As creatives, our energies are constantly. The majority of the things that deeply resonate with us begins with our current mental and emotional states. Both of the artists believe that the reason these words speak to any and everyone is due to the powerful energy that fuels them.

“It’s amazing the power and resonance that words can have in peoples lives, it’s been a powerful tool for awakening and change,” says one of the artists.

Not only do both of the artists believe that seeing the words at the right moment can shift the movement and flow of your day, but it also has the potential to influence your approach towards life. They explain how when individuals connect with the words “they seem to be lifted into a state of joy and hope” which provides them with a deeper understanding of themselves and their purpose for being.

This is something that is apparent in their approach towards the pursuit of magic. They are very conscious of protecting their anonymity because they are more concerned with the movement being more about the words and less about themselves. There are so many positive things that have manifested from the two artists being In Pursuit Of Magic and a majority of that begins with the words deeply resonating with a diverse mix of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. One of the artist elaborates, “ It’s a point of connection for some and an affirmation or reminder for others. Whatever it may be, it always makes people feel lighter.”

Knowing that others will find the “trail of magic and join into the collective joy” is the main focus towards their approach. “We’ve heard stories where seeing these words changed the course of peoples lives in very positive ways.. there’s not much more we could ask for…” says one of the artists.

The movement is constantly evolving and they are positive that it will continue to be apart of their lives until the end of time. They both believe that approach involves the movement towards one another and with that other individual at your side how you approach the collective. Until we are all somehow connected to each other. “We are living a life IN PURSUIT OF MAGIC and we will keep spreading the message and being agents of change. It leads us and we listen…” says both of the artists.