Book Review: Trusting God in the Journey by Gary Christopher

Trusting God in the Journey by Gary Christopher

This book is an incredible story and testimony of the grace of God in one man’s life. Gary Christopher is a friend, mentor, and someone I’ve worked for on a number of projects. Every one of them has been a joy, and I hope to serve him again.

To be transparent, I thought this would be an okay or decent book. I’d never really read anything that Gary had written before. I knew Gary was a wise and godly business leader, but I didn’t expect him to be an amazing writer. I was hooked from the first pages. I also didn’t expect for the book to almost read me along the way or for God to convict and encourage my heart with so many of Gary’s words and stories. I had planned to sit down and breeze through the book like so many other books I read, but I couldn’t. I found myself deeply contemplating different stories, truths, and life lessons. At one point, I had to go in a private room to repent to God and pray. I had gotten out of sync from spending significant time with the God during the ‘morning watch’ each day. Gary’s stories and encouragement had reminded me that this time with God was something I desperately needed like water each morning.

There is so much wisdom, grace, and deep love for God within these pages that I think it needs to be read slowly. These are stories that one needs to soak their heart and mind in, not rush through trying to just gain a few tidbits of wisdom. There’s too much here for that. ‘Trusting God in the Journey’ isn’t like other books. It’s like sitting down with Gary and having a deep conversation. If you ever get a chance to sit with Gary on his front porch in Atlanta across from the park with the cityscape in the background, you’ll know what I mean. It’s like being mentored by Gary through his story without having to drive through Atlanta traffic.

This is a book that can’t be skimmed or rushed or easily summarized. I find myself wanting to read more and yet not wanting it to come to an end. It’s been more of an experience for me. With most books, I can pick them up and put them down while hopping in and out of the story. No big deal. With this book though, I don’t pick it up to read unless I set aside time because I know it’s more important than most of the things I read.

I truly believe that this could be one of the most important books you ever read. I’ve read no other book outside of the Bible that gives such insight and transparency into a man’s walk with God. This book truly is like the mentor that so many young Christian men in business are looking for. Every page smells with the sweet aroma of Christ and the savory scent of practical wisdom. I cannot imagine anyone reading this book and feeling that it was not well worth their time.

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