Freedom and Liberty for All

Government exists in large part to protect the liberty and freedom of the people.

Liberty is “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.”
Freedom is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

Laws should promote and protect freedom and liberty for the people. Business owners and consumers are both people. Consumers should and do have the freedom to go to whatever businesses they choose. Business owners ought have the freedom to not be forced by the government via law to serve all people. We don’t need laws telling businesses who to serve or not serve. The market, consumers, will dictate a business’ survival based on our decision to spend our money there. We are the market. We decide what businesses die or thrive with our money. If a business is ran by someone who doesn’t treat people in a way that you agree with, then don’t be their customer. You can even take it a step further by telling others why you don’t think they should go there either. We have the power. I know so many hearts are crying “justice!” right now for people who have been marginalized and mistreated. That’s a good thing, but don’t marginalize others in return. Putting a law in place forcing business owners to serve everyone, infringes upon the freedom of the business owner. We can protect people by using our buying power to force businesses to change or die if we don’t agree. Laws should promote the freedom of all parties involved, including business owners and customers.

Think about it like this. If you owned a business, you would want the freedom to choose who you wanted to serve, what hours you would be open, prices you would charge, etc. You as the customer already have the right to choose which business you want to go to. A religious freedom law or any other should protect the freedom of the parties involved. If I own a business and refuse to serve you (regardless of the reason), that is my freedom to choose to do so. You then have the right to not support my business and tell others to do the same. Customer, you have the power. We are the market. People will discriminate and there’s no amount of legislation that is going to stop that. If you don’t agree with their type of descrimination, show them with your money.

It’s sad to see how many of us are so angry and passionate about recent laws being passed that many believe are infringing upon the freedom of the customer when compared to other business issues. Think about the fact that some companies have extremely dangerous working conditions, forced labor, and a slew of other issues. In some cases, people die as a result of business being done poorly. The worse thing that could happen with a religious freedom law is that someone could be refused service based on their sexual orientation, race, etc. Compare that to someone dying because working conditions are dangerous. Where’s the public outrage about someone’s death due to bad business?

Laws should be to protect our freedom. My freedom should not infringe upon your freedom. Christian business owner, serve homosexuals. Love them well. If you can’t in good conscience based on biblical convictions, then kindly tell them you can’t on a case-by-case basis and helping them as much as you can find someone that will serve them well. Don’t just say “God says practicing homosexuality is a sin, so I can’t serve you. Bye.” Love people as well as you can within your biblical convictions. Fellow citizen, don’t go to places that don’t treat people in ways you agree with. But also try to be tolerant of people’s beliefs and religions. You wouldn’t want someone telling you with a law that you can’t act in your life based on your beliefs or forcing you to let certain people on your property. You don’t want the government telling you or others what to do. Again, this is about freedom. We all want freedom. Let’s protect each other’s freedom. Promote laws that promote and protect freedom. Less government. More freedom.