Adam Ruins Everything Responds to the Verge
Adam Ruins Everything

The entire argument of this piece predicated on a misguided assumption that people buying a Tesla or any EV are overhwelmingly replacing a relatively new and perfectly good gasoline car. My wife and I own 2 Teslas and both of them replaced 10+ year old cars that were reaching the end of their usable lives.

For us, this was not a decision to be made between an EV and no new car — it was a decision to be made between an EV and another new gasoline vehicle.

What you’ve done is essneitally put forth an argument against consumerism, which is the ultiamtely culprit behind increasing CO2 levels and other environmental pollutants, but you single out one very specific commodity for the sake of this article: buying a new car. It doesn’t matter if it’s electrric or not — buying a new car is worse for the environment than not buying any car.

If you want to put forward a segment tackling the evils of consumerism, go for it. However, the advent of sustainable transport is this most pragmatic approach to solving climate change, as it’s far more likely to move away from fossil fules in favor than it is that we move away from consumerism. By arguing against EVs as a specific manifestation of consumerism, you set us back and you do the world a disservice.

I would ask that you humbly retract this segment and clarify the distrinction between the problems of consumerism versus the impact of a new EV versus a new ICE.