It’s been almost 2 years since they announced Things 3 and we still haven’t heard anything.
The Wait For Things 3
Jesse Nichols

The worst part about this is that they are completely backtracking on how they said they would handle updating their apps and releasing Things 3. Here is a direct quote from their announcement post:(

Apple had just unveiled iOS 7, and we were knee-deep in the development of Things 3. The decision was to either continue development of Things 3 as planned, or to halt development, revive the old Things 2 code, and ship a half-hearted re-skin of our app. It’s clear now what we chose to do. This means that you’ll have to stick with the Things 2 design a bit longer, but it also means that Things 3 will ship much sooner than it would have otherwise.

It is over 2 years later and we have a re-skinned Things 2 and still no Things 3.

I, as well as many others, am tired of waiting for Things 3. And what really makes me mad is how much I loved Things. And I still do. I recommended it to so many people.

Yet here we are, Todoist.

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