A well-written article that offers great clarity on the incentives that drive most men, good or bad…


Are we forgetting that evolution’s running the show here?

Are we forgetting that evolution’s about change, thus it’s focused on differences rather than similarities?

Are we forgetting that we’re products of nature, thus are constantly evolving?

Are we forgetting that we naturally fear the unknown because anything goes there, thus we naturally fear change we’re unprepared for?

Are we forgetting that there’ll always be change we’re unprepared for?

Are we forgetting that change we’re unprepared for will generally be uncomfortable to deal with?

Are we forgetting that the changes in social dynamics will always bring discomfort to everyone involved?

I dunno, maybe it’s me. It possibly is me. But I don’t find any of this surprising. It’s pretty much how fundamental social change has worked.

So the question now is… Are we willing to see this through, even if it hurts so much we might wish we never took this path in the first place?

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